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Our precious little Tina!
Some old pix of our kitties from 'way back when!'
Tina was the eldest of the group.  At 22 years old, she was allowed to do anything she wanted to!!!  Below, she was  preparing to take a nap. 
Mikki joined the others in August 2006.  He was very quiet and undemanding for a Siamese.  Therefore, we allowed him to do ALMOST anything he wanted to!!!
Regal Mikki!
Memorial to Tina March 1980
March 2002
22 years
Memorial to Mikki August 1994
August 2006
12 years
The mischievious "Golddust Twins"!
And, then there were the Gold Dust Twins...
Chester (left) and Rusty (right) were born in August 1998, they were not allowed to do anything they wanted to, but they did anyway!!!
(Aug 2009) ...and now we have only Chester.  When the pain of our loss of Rusty subsides, we will be on the lookout for a companion for Chester.
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Our Furry Friends, our precious kitties!
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Grace, a lovely calico (born 2006), found her way
to our home and hearts.  We also took in two
kittens (born Aug 1, 2009)!  We are happy to say,
"They all get along together nicely!!!"
Above, Chester, Grace, Alice & Anastasia, are all waiting,
somewhat patiently, for their chow!