Aug. 12: Moved to our new home in New Hampshire. It is so beautiful here! The mountains are nearby and are so majestic. Can hardly wait to see snow covering them!
Oct. 14: New Hampshire is the most beautiful place on Earth. The leaves have turned all the colors and shades of red and orange. Went for a beautiful ride through the mountains and saw some deer. They are so graceful. Certainly they are the most wonderful animals on earth. This must be paradise. I love it here.
Nov. 11: Deer season will start soon. I can't imagine anyone wanting to kill such a gorgeous creature. Hope it will snow soon. I love it here.
Dec. 2: It snowed last night. Woke up to find everything blanketed with white. It looks like a postcard. We went outside to shovel the driveway and clean off the steps. We had a snowball fight (I won). When the snow plow came by, we had to shovel the driveway again. What a beautiful place.
I love New Hampshire!!!
Dec. 12: More snow last night. I love it. The snow plow did his trick again to the driveway. I love it here.
Dec. 19: More snow last night! I love it! Couldn't get out of my driveway to work. I'm exhausted from shoveling.
Dumb snow plow!
Dec.22: More of that white stuff last night! I've got blisters on my hands from shoveling. I think the snow plow hides around the curve and waits until I'm done shoveling the stupid snow out of the driveway. 
Dec. 25: Merry *!*!*!* Christmas!  More *!*!* snow!  If I ever get my hands on that son of a gun who drives that dumb snow plow, I swear I'll kill the *!*!*
Don't know why they don't use more salt on the roads to melt the *!*!*! ice.
Dec. 27: More white stuff last night.  Been inside for three days except for shoveling the snow out of the driveway...all because of that dumb snowplow that goes through every time. Can't go anywhere, the car is stuck in a mountain of white stuff. The weatherman says to expect about 10" of the stuff again tonight.
Dec. 28: The stupid weatherman was wrong.  We got 24" of the white stuff this time.  At this rate, it won't melt before the summer.  The snow plow got stuck up the road and that son of a gun came to the door and asked if he could borrow my shovel.  After I told him I had broken six shovels already shoveling all the stuff he pushed into the driveway; I broke the last one over his *!*!* head!
Jan. 4: Finally got out of the house today.  Went to the store to get food and on my way back a deer ran in front of my car and I hit it.  Did about $3,000.00 worth of damage to the car.  Those *!*!*! beasts should be killed!
Wish the hunters had killed them all last November.
May 3: Took my car to the garage in town.  Would you believe the thing is rusting from the *!*!*!*! salt they put all over the roads.
May10: Moved to Florida. 
I can't imagine why anyone in their right mind would ever live in that Godforsaken little state of New Hampshire!
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