Here I sit in the middle of the floor,
pulling my hair out over you once more.
Four-legged monster, you furry beast!
You better hide before I get to my feet!
Tripped on my own rug where you buried your bone,
face down in clean laundry that you have strown!
Where are you now, you better come here!
You're not a cat with nine lives, you better have fear!
What on earth did you do to the house today?
I didn't leave it looking this way!
Everything within reach is now on the floor
And my overstuffed pillows are stuffed no more!
The cat needs a valium, I think I need one too
My house is a war zone between you two!
I swear when I find you you're headed for the pound!
Don't care what you cost, right now you're a hound!
And where is the meat I set out for dinner?
If you ate that you'll be beat till you're thinner!
Where are you hiding, you flea-bitten mutt!
You can't hide forever, you better give up!
There you are...oh, now would you look at that.
Asleep on my bed, snuggled up to the cat.
Sleepy eyes open, little tail wags so hard.
Kissy licks for Mom gives this old heart a jar.
The blame is on me for not putting you up,
What can I expect from a six-month-old pup?
Tomorrow will be different, you'll stay in your pen.
That's why it was bought, to keep you from sin.
Come here to me, you precious little thing
Mom loves you so, to me you have wings.
Poem by ~ Kathy Henderson 3/1999 ~
Photography © Evelyn D. Roberts
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by Evelyn D Roberts

Puppy Poem for a friend!
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