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Images from our yard and beyond...
these are simply favorites that I took during July 2004.
Most of these images are quite a bit larger than "life size" and you may not recognize them at first.
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I will try to identify most of the images, but the one on the left above...I do not know!  I took the image at Prescott Park while we were in Portsmouth.  The following flowers are in our yard.  The one on the right, above is the center of a day lily.  The one below is a clover blossom!
Those white flowers above are not daisies, but those little wild Asters.  A dragonfly will get that tiny bug! The one below is on a stalk of grass that has gone to seed.
We love dragonflies, they eat small mosquitoes!
The rest of the flowers on this page were in a garden we visited in Sutton.  On the left below, a Delphinium 'Blue Bees' and on the right a Digitalis or Foxglove.
Above is wicked magnified 'Butterfly Weed'
and below are Hollyhocks.
Brown-eyed Susan above and below, Indian Painted Blanket.
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Mostly Floral...Flowers, close up and more!  Mostly taken in my yard in Pittsfield, NH.
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