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Manchester Contra Dance
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Manchester Contra Dance
Below are some of the pictures taken on
~ February 13, 2004 ~
Sylvia Miskoe, Bruce Cobb, Justine Paul
with Dave Bateman calling.
Alice gives lessons before the dance starts.
The musicians also warm up.
...a little fancy footwork.
Looks like fun, doesn't it...!
What can I say???
Are these folks having fun...or what???
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Manchester Contra dance Photo albums by Evie are of contra dances in Manchester,  New Hampshire.  There are also some albums with movie files.
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The Manchester Contra Dances (that were held at the Unitarian Universalist Church, 669 Union St, Manchester, NH) have been discontinued. 
I am keeping this page with all the albums intact for those that wish to reminisce some of the dances that were held here.
Great music...
Great dancing....
Looking for more tunes!
Musicians (L - R) Justine Paul, Bruce Cobb & Sylvia Miskoe
Bruce Cobb (on the fiddle) is a glassblower by trade.  To see him at work...
I do hope that you
enjoyed the pictures!
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February 13, 2004 ~ 98 images
Manchester Contra Dance
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Manchester Contra Dance