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I (Evelyn), was employed at Globe Manufacturing (Firefighter's Suits), from 1980 to 2005.  I now have more time to tend to the photography and computer work.  Bruce has his own glassblowing studio on our home property.  He has been blowing glass since 1976, when he apprenticed on Cape Cod.  He opened his first studio in  downtown Pittsfield, N.H. in 1985.  Below is a picture of us taken while visiting friends on Cape Cod in April of 2006
Bruce is a member of the
League of New Hampshire Craftsmen.
Above, he is adding a blob of glass to make the lily pad, as shown below.
Bruce works alone, and does not use molds.  Each piece is hand formed.
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On the left, lily-pad Christmas balls, on the right above, a multicolored bird.
Stop by and visit if you are in the area!
e-mail us for directions.
Or... you may visit Bruce's web site right now by clicking on the link below.
Bruce Cobb & Evelyn D. Roberts, Pittsfield, New Hampshire - our backgrounds
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