April 2009
The drive down, a walk through Winterthur, our 'digs' while there
Cobb Glass at Chadds Ford Historical Society
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Our visit in December 2005
Longwood Gardens,
Brandywine River Museum,
and our journey back home by AMTRAK.
A Photo Album
May 2005
A walk through spring woods...
A Photo Album
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May 2008
The drive down and back,
our walk through Winterthur while in PA.
Photo Album
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Photo albums of our visits to Pa.
Longwood Gardens; Winterthur; Brandywine River Museum;  AMTRAK; Pa; IMAGES; Evelyn D Roberts, Pittsfield, New Hampshire Photographer; pictures; photos; https://flic.kr/s/aHsmdWpwW8
September 2009
The drive down, a walk while there and coming home....
Our Visit from September 11 to 15, 2009
Cobb Glass at Chadds Ford Days
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April 2010
The drive down, enjoying the pastels of Spring Foliage and light traffic...
in spite of light showers, fog and overcast skies!  :)
Spring Unfolds on our drive to PA
Come with us on one of our walks...
Walking the perimeter at Crosslands
Our walk through Winterthur
Our Drive to Pennsylvania - April 6, 2012
We both fell ill the next evening and we
were both very ill for the next two days.  We headed
back home on the third day, still a bit shaky,
but made it home, safe and sound.
Photo Album