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August 13, 2006
Sponsored by the
Canterbury Historical Society
Hosted by
Peter Yarensky & Teresa Wyman
For history of the picnic (and much more!)
Visit Peter Yarensky's website:
Peter Yarensky’s Old-Time
New Hampshire Country Dance
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Fiddler's picnics on the Canterbury Green!
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12th Annual Fiddlers' Picnic ~ August 9, 2009
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9th Annual Fiddlers' Picnic below....
15th Annual Fiddler’s Picnic ~ August 12, 2012
Photo Album, CLICK HERE!
First Winter Fiddlers' Indoor Picnic -2/16/2014
Photo Album, CLICK HERE
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Canterbury Summer Fiddlers' Picnic - 8/9/2015
Photo Album, CLICK HERE
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The website that hosted my photo albums has shut down and deleted all files.  I am setting up a new site for my albums and will replace links as soon as possible. I have thousands of pix and over 800 photo albums, so it will take some time to finish.  Thank you for visiting my sites!  My YouTube files were NOT affected!