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Above are views of the Suncook River while walking
on the river path in Drake Field in Pittsfield.
Links for Albums are on the bottom of the page.
These pictures were all taken in New Hampshire.
Below, driving along New Hampshire roads in the Autumn....
Above, left, is on Upper City Road, right is a view
of the Suncook River from Barnstead Road.
Above, on a walk near the summit of Catamount.
Below, Appleview Orchard on Upper City Road.
As we are leaving we notice that alpacas have been added to the petting area.  They are still quite timid.
We admire the garden on
the right, while on our
walks year round. It is
also on Upper City Road.
This page was last updated on: January 31, 2018
In our back yard, I take one
last picture of the globe, it
is now time for it to come
in out of the winter weather!
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Below is a rough map of one of our favorite walks.
Most of the walk is on dirt and unimproved roads.
Autumn in Pittsfield, New Hampshire glows with color.
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