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Deerfield Town Hall ~ 6 Old Centre Road, Deerfield, NH 
~ Marianne Taylor Legacy Contra Dance at Deerfield ~
First Fridays, October to June - 7:30 to 10:30 PM
March 3, 2007 ~ CLICK HERE ~ (42 images)
Chris Ricciotti leading with music by:
Bruce Cobb (fiddle), Marianne Taylor (piano) and Sylvia Miskoe(accordion.
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Contra Dance in Deerfield, NH Photo albums by Evie are of contra dances in Deerfield,  New Hampshire.  There are also some albums with movie files.
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~ May 3, 2009 ~
Marcie Van Cleave leading with music by Jumpstart (Gene Albert (bass), Deborah Gerstein (piano), Paul Lizotte and Bruce Cobb (fiddle).
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~ March 5, 2011 ~
Gale Wood leading with music by: Bruce Cobb (fiddle), Sylvia Miskoe (accordion), Justine Paul (piano), also Nancy Fiske (sound system AND on clarinet)
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~ May 7, 2011 ~
Dudley Laufman (leading) with Bob Reed, Sylvia Miskoe,
Bruce Cobb, George Randall and Sara Mason.
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~ February 4, 2017  ~
Chris Ricciotti leading with music by: Bruce Cobb (fiddle), Sylvia Miskoe (accordion), Bill Zecker (keyboard), also sitting in was - George Randall (guitar/spoons), Tom Moreau (fiddle), John Rogers (harmonicas) and others.
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~ June 6, 2015  ~
A workshop in Responsive Playing for Contra Dances for experienced band musicians.  Peter Barnes and Vince O'Donnell teamed up to share tips and ideas with contra dance band musicians.
May 1, 2004 ~ CLICK HERE ~ (42 images)
Marianne Taylor calling, Ryan Thomson and Bruce Cobb (fiddle), Sylvia Miskoe (accordion), George Randall (guitar, spoons), Justine Paul (piano).