In July 2004, we were back at the Bell residence for another day of fiddles, feasts and fun!!!
Photography by Evelyn D. Roberts
It is a gorgeous day and the musicians gather outdoors.
I can't describe how pleasant it is.
The music flows throughout the area.
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Photography © Evelyn D. Roberts
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The sun sinks lower...
The girls have finally decided to
give up on the pool and warm up!
As the sun goes down, the musicians
decide to retreat to the ballroom.
An audience gathers and the music continues.
The day comes to a close for us,
and we head back to New Hampshire.
It was indeed a wonderful day of music and fun, accompanied by lots of scrumptious food!
Thank you everyone, especially to
the Bells for their hospitality.
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The Bell's host another Fiddle Frolic at their home in Leominster, Mass. (July 2004).
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